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Huaxin Micro-pressure Oxygen Chamber: Home Oxygen Therapy,"Sit and Enjoy" to Treat Insomnia

Huaxin Micro-pressure Oxygen Chamber: Home Oxygen Therapy,"Sit and Enjoy" to Treat Insomnia

2023-04-04 10:38

One third of one's life is spent in sleep, as a necessary process of life, sleep is an important part of the body's recovery, integration and consolidation of memory.  Sleep quality is closely related to people's physiological and psychological functions, which directly affects people's health status, quality of life and work efficiency.  Adequate sleep is also one of the three internationally recognized health standards.

 Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. Epidemiological surveys show that about 33% of people worldwide have sleep disorders every year, and 17% have severe insomnia.

 Insomniacs are often accompanied by anxiety and depression symptoms. Long-term insomnia is easy to cause diseases of various systems of human body, even depression or cognitive function of patients, which seriously affects people's physical and mental health.

 At present, cognitive behavioral therapy, drug therapy and psychotherapy are mainly used to treat insomnia, but the effect is not good.  And long-term use of sleeping drugs can lead to dependence in patients, induced iatrogenic diseases.  Therefore, the search for new and effective treatment has become the trend of research at home and abroad.

 Clinical studies in recent years have shown that: based on conventional treatment, combined with hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an auxiliary means, non-addictive, safe and efficient, can make patients continue to sleep significantly longer, disordered sleep structure is adjusted, sleep quality is significantly improved, can be called the gospel of insomnia patients.

 Clinical studies have shown that the total effective rate of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for insomnia on the basis of routine treatment is significantly better than that of simple routine treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen can prolong sleep time, improve sleep cycle and improve sleep quality.  Foreign medical research that 1-2 courses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for insomnia is the most favorable.

 In 2020, a study on hyperbaric oxygen combined with traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of insomnia of different syndrome types was published, which divided insomnia patients into 4 types:The patients were treated with corresponding traditional Chinese medicine and hyperbaric oxygen for 10 - 20 times.  The results showed that the therapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen were similar among the four syndromes (total effective rate 90.5%~100%), which was higher than that of the drug group alone.  The research of acupuncture, auricular acupuncture combined with hyperbaric oxygen therapy also shows that the combination of hyperbaric oxygen can improve the therapeutic effect.

 The adjuvant treatment of insomnia with hyperbaric oxygen may be related to the following mechanisms:

 Hyperbaric oxygen increases the partial pressure of blood oxygen, increases the blood oxygen content, enhances the oxygen metabolism of the brain, increases the utilization rate of glucose and the generation of adenosine phosphate, makes the blood supply of the reticular system and brain stem sufficient, improves the functions of the pituitary, limbic system and cerebral cortex, restores the physiological activities of the dysfunctional cerebral cortex, and then effectively controls the sleep rhythm.

 hyperbaric oxygen can improve myocardial ischemia and cardiac function, increase cardiac output, increase cerebral blood flow, promote brain cell metabolism, promote ischemic brain cell function recovery, and improve sleep quality.

 On the basis of increasing vertebral artery blood flow, hyperbaric oxygen therapy not only increases the oxygen partial pressure of ascending reticular activating system and brain stem, but also improves the weakening phenomenon of internal inhibition process in cerebral cortex, effectively regulates and controls the function of subcortical autonomic nerve, and promotes the rehabilitation of insomnia related diseases.

 Based on the mature experience of medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Huaxin has developed a new generation of plateau balance chamber, emergency rescue chamber, vehicle-mounted mobile oxygen chamber, station camping chamber, conventional plateau health care hyperbaric oxygen chamber and other series of products, which integrate pressurization, oxygen therapy, health care and entertainment. It adopts intelligent microcomputer control mode, which has the advantages of beautiful and comfortable, easy operation, complete functions, safety and environmental protection. It can not only improve the human body's hypoxia state through pressurization and diffusion oxygen inhalation,but also can carry out physical therapy on cardiovascular diseases and the like under a pressure environment, so as to realize the purposes of dispelling diseases, preventing diseases, health care, rehabilitation, health preservation and beauty of people, and is sought after by more and more sports enthusiasts.


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