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Huaxin Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber: Eliminate Fatigue, Relieve Sports Injury, and Recover Magic Weapon for Fitness Sports

Huaxin Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber: Eliminate Fatigue, Relieve Sports Injury, and Recover Magic Weapon for Fitness Sports

2023-04-01 15:37

   Sports make people happy, and more and more people take physical exercise as a healthy lifestyle.  Participate in marathon, swimming, skating, skiing, hiking and other sports, when the amount and intensity of exercise exceeds the limit that the individual can bear, it will produce sports diseases and sports injuries.

 At present, hyperbaric oxygen has been applied to the field of physical fitness to recharge the body.  Some athletes, such as United Kingdom football player Beckham, United States swimmer Phelps, have taken hyperbaric oxygen as an auxiliary therapy to recover from sports fatigue and alleviate sports injuries, and have achieved immediate results.

 Oxygen plays a critical role in material and energy metabolism.  Human body function will undergo a series of changes during exercise, one of the most significant changes is the increase in oxygen demand.  Long-term strenuous exercise can cause the imbalance of oxygen supply and consumption, thus causing the occurrence of exercise-induced fatigue, a large number of metabolites accumulated in the body, such as blood lactic acid, blood urea nitrogen, hemoglobin in the body, oxygen saturation and other related blood indicators will change, resulting in the decline of physiological function of the body and the decline of exercise function level.

 With the increase of air pressure in Huaxin hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the partial pressure of oxygen in the air also increases, and the physical dissolved oxygen in human blood increases, which improves the uptake and utilization of oxygen by the body, increases the blood oxygen content and blood oxygen saturation, thereby improving the ability of oxygen diffusion to the tissue. The tissue obtains a large amount of oxygen, restores the vitality of cells, and greatly improves the condition of systemic hypoxia.

 Recovery after exercise is a complex problem, and the speed of lactic acid clearance is an important indicator of recovery.  Due to the lack of oxygen in the body, pyruvate is reduced to lactic acid under the catalysis of lactate dehydrogenase. Lactic acid is an acidic metabolite, and its concentration can cause the decrease of tissue PH value.  This will lead to an imbalance of electrolytes in the body, thereby affecting the contractile function of muscles, inhibiting the combination of oxygen and hemoglobin, resulting in a decrease in the energy obtained by the body, and reducing the working ability of the body, causing muscle fatigue.  Therefore, sports enthusiasts in each strenuous exercise, there will be a feeling of soreness in the body after exercise inhalation of hyperbaric oxygen not only increases the oxygen content in the blood, alleviate the oxygen deficit after strenuous exercise, but also accelerate the body lactic acid clearance rate, improve the recovery rate of the body after strenuous exercise.

 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can promote the recovery of hemoglobin and oxygen saturation, increase the number of oxygen molecules in the blood faster, improve the ability of hemoglobin to bind oxygen in the blood, thus increasing the blood oxygen content, enhancing the aerobic metabolism capacity of the body, and helping to quickly eliminate the fatigue of the body after heavy exercise.

 Blood urea nitrogen is the main end product of protein metabolism in human body. When human body ingests a large amount of protein, it can produce a large amount of urea nitrogen after metabolism. During high-intensity strenuous exercise, the oxygen consumption of human body will increase sharply. Pyruvic acid produced in the metabolic process of glycolysis will be reduced to lactic acid, causing lactic acid accumulation in the body, weakening glycolysis energy supply, enhancing protein catabolism, leading to increase of blood urea nitrogen in the body, thus causing fatigue.

 Hyperbaric oxygen pretreatment increases the partial pressure of blood oxygen, promotes the reconversion of lactic acid into glycogen in liver cells and increases the excretion of lactic acid in kidney and skin, and the energy supply mode of the body will realize the transformation to aerobic oxidation of sugar, and the production of lactic acid and blood urea nitrogen will decrease rapidly, thus facilitating the elimination of lactic acid, blood urea nitrogen and other acidic products.  Moreover, urine volume is significantly increased after pretreatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which reduces blood urea nitrogen reabsorption during renal excretion and thus reduces fatigue.

 In addition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy through Huaxin hyperbaric oxygen chamber can stimulate the body to produce more antioxidant enzymes to accelerate the elimination of free radicals under the state of ischemia and hypoxia, thus effectively preventing the damage of free radicals to tissue cells and eliminating fatigue.

 Hyperbaric oxygen also has a good effect on the treatment of post-exercise injuries.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can provide an increased amount of dissolved oxygen plasma, improve oxygen delivery and tissue survival in ischemic areas, make serum-CK, MB activity faster back to normal levels, promote the recovery of damaged cells, increase the oxygen content of arterial oxygen partial pressure in body fluid, reduce the permeability of cell membrane, help to eliminate exercise fatigue and accelerate physical recovery.

 The liver can store glycogen and provide energy. It is the main energy-supplying organ and plays an important role in exercise.  If continuous exercise for a long time, the body glycogen is consumed and exhausted, and cannot be recovered, causing fatigue.

 Hyperbaric oxygen is very effective in treating damage to liver tissue structure, ensuring sufficient oxygen in liver cells, causing a large number of mitochondria to proliferate and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to increase. Moreover, under hyperbaric oxygen, hepatic sinusoids of liver tissue are enlarged, blood circulation is accelerated, metabolites can be quickly discharged, more nutrients can be transported, liver structure can be restored to normal level, fatigue can be eliminated, and recovery can be promoted.

 The heart is a strictly aerobic metabolic tissue that consumes a lot of oxygen, but its blood volume is still relatively low. Therefore, the heart is also an organ that is vulnerable to hypoxia damage. Once the myocardial load increases, the oxygen demand also increases.

  The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on myocardial cells after hypoxia is mainly manifested as slowing heart rate, slowing myocardial conduction, weakening myocardial contractility and reducing myocardial oxygen consumption. It can quickly supplement the large amount of material consumption caused by exercise, increase the body's glycogen reserve, improve the body's hypoxia state, and promote the recovery of fatigue after exercise.

 As the earliest professional manufacturer of hyperbaric oxygen chamber in China, Huaxin adheres to the concept of "gathering essence, abiding by integrity, Huaxin oxygen chamber, carrying health". Based on the mature experience of medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Huaxin develops a new generation of plateau balance chamber, emergency rescue chamber, vehicle-mounted mobile oxygen chamber, station camping chamber, conventional plateau health care hyperbaric oxygen chamber and other series of products, integrating pressurization, oxygen therapy, health care and entertainment. It adopts intelligent microcomputer control mode, which is beautiful and comfortable.It has the advantages of simple operation, complete functions, safety and environmental protection, etc. It can not only improve the hypoxia state of human body by means of pressurization and diffusion oxygen inhalation, but also carry out physical therapy on cardiovascular diseases and other diseases under pressure environment, so as to realize the purpose of people's disease elimination, disease prevention, health care, rehabilitation, health preservation and beauty, which is sought after by more and more sports enthusiasts.


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