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What is Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment Chamber?

What is Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment Chamber?

2021-05-06 10:50

Mild/Moderate Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is call mhbot chamber for short,usually with internal pressure value under /or 1.5ATA around.There is no Internal Standard for mhbot till now.There are different standards and codes in different Countries in the world.

After all, the working principle of mhbot  is as same as HBOT,just the effective is lower due to its lower PV.While the advantages of mhbot are obviously seen by,

1. Easy operations without professional operators.

2. Treatment Convenient.

3. Equipments' cost much lower.

4. Some models may family install and treat.

5. Safer.

6. Etc......

So,what exactly is a mhbot chamber?

Mild/Moderate Hyperbaric oxygen Chamber is a hyperbaric system with internal Pressure value under / or 1.5ATA around, usually composed of Chamber body, Air compressor, Oxygen Concentrator, Air Reserve Tank, Tempreture conditioner, Electronic controlling pannels, and so on.

There are many models of mhbot chambers in the world,while can be classified into 2 kinds of all.Hard Shell and Flexible/Soft Shell mhbot chambers.Surely also can be classified by the treatment capacity,such as individual,Dual places,multiplaces,etc.

We are the professional designer and manufacturer for all kind of mhbot chambers,both hard shell and soft shell,individual models and multiplace models.