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What is Q345R Steel?

What is Q345R Steel?

2022-07-12 17:12

Q345R Steel Introduction:
Q345R is common low alloy steel, it is the boiler pressure vessel commonly used steel type, the delivery state: hot rolled or normalization.
It is a combination of 16Mng, 19 Mng and GB6654-1996, and GB150 specified the thickness range is 3 ~ 200mm. The limit value of the tensile strength with low carbon content and standard is no more than 540Mpa, and it has good weldability, in common conditions cold and hot crack are not easy to form. However, the same as the 20 # carbon manganese structure steel, with large thickness and in low ambient temperature working environment, it produces cold, hot cracks.

Q345R steel contains a certain amount of alloy elements, yield strength tends to be high, Therefore, we should review the real destrength ratio (real yield strength) from the quality guarantee certificate of the steel or the production unit (The ratio of the degree to the actual tensile strength)

Q345R Steel Plate Chemical Composition:

Steel Grade C % Si % Mn % Cu % Ni % Cr% Mo % V % Ti % Alt % P % S % Nb
Q345R 0.20 0.55 1.2-1.7 0.30 0.30 0.30 0.08 0.050 0.030 0.020 0.025 0.010 0.050


Q345R Steel Plate Mechanical Property:

Steel Grade Thickness(mm) Min Yield Tensile Elongation Min Impact Energy
Degree Min J
Q345R 3-16 345Mpa 510-640 Mpa 21% 0 41J
16-36 325Mpa 500-630 Mpa 21% 0  41J
36-60 315 Mpa 490-620 Mpa 21% 0 41J
60-100 305 Mpa 490-620 Mpa 20% 0 41J
100-150 285 Mpa 480-610 Mpa 20% 0 41J
150-250 265 Mpa 470-600 Mpa 20% 0 41J

Q345R Application:
Q345R steel plate is used in the inner tube of the multi-layer container, for the shell thickness is larger than 36mm for other compression elements (flanges, tube plates and flanges).
If the thickness of the cap is greater than 50mm, it should be used in the state of normalization: For steel plates used for multi-layer containers or for steel plates with a thickness of more than 60mm, each of the heat treated steel plates should be stretched and v-shaped Mouth impact test.
According to the design document, for steel plate with thickness greater than 80mm, ultrasonic testing can be added to steel plate thickness.
For steel plate thickness is 30 ~ 36 mm, ultrasonic testing requirement is not lower than level Ⅲ.
For steel plate thickness is greater than 36 mm, ultrasonic testing is required not lower than level Ⅱ.

Q345R usually be used as main materials to fabricate kind of Pressure Vessels,Hyperbaric Oxgyen Chambers,Gas Cylinders,Boilers,etc.