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Who we are

Huaxin Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Manufacture Company was established in 1988 with  all relavant Licenses in the industry, and since the inception, we were becoming the leading manufacturer of all kinds of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers and Pressure Vessels in China.
In the first decades, Huaxin acted as designated Manufacturer of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for China pharmaceutical Administration, offering International Standard qualified Medical equipments to hundreds of Civil Hospitals around China mainland.
In the following decades, Huaxin keeps the same faith on the quality controlling and absorbs more technical talents into our team. More and more advanced generations of HBOT systems are produced and promoted to domestic and international markets.
Over 100 Well-skilled workers,16 R&D staffs,40 well-educated sales and after-sales service staffs, this elite team is to make sure that our equipments pretty qualified, our services pretty professional.
For this purpose, Huaxin is learning all advanced relative technologies from domestic and aboard of China, and welcome all learned people to join us.
On this road, Huaxin ever never stops.



What we do

For over 30years, we are devoted to providing qualified and brilliantly safe Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber systems to Hospitals, Community Medical Institutions, Physicians, Professional Athletes, Wellness Centers and Families.
And the Mission will go on.



What we care

  • Health We care
  • Innovation We care
  • Honors we care
  • We care who we are, we care what we are doing
  • We care who you are, we care what we are offering
  • We care, so we focus.


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