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Possible side effects of hyperbaric chamber use

Possible side effects of hyperbaric chamber use

2020-03-11 17:07
Conventional HBO treatment will not have any side effects. If the staff does not operate properly, do not follow the operating procedures, or do not talk about science, changing the treatment plan without authorization can have serious consequences.
(I) Oxygen poisoning: refers to the functional or organic damage caused by oxygen to the body after inhalation of high concentrations of oxygen for a certain period of time under high or normal pressure. Oxygen poisoning can be divided into central type, pulmonary type, hemolytic type, and ocular type. No matter what type of oxygen poisoning occurs, the entire body is simultaneously injured. Clinically, inhaling oxygen at a pressure higher than 0.3 MPa, and prolonging the oxygen inhalation time at random during routine treatment. Long-term inhalation of oxygen concentration above 50% under normal pressure is a common cause of oxygen poisoning. Its mechanism has roughly three aspects:
1, the toxic effect of oxygen on central metabolism;
2, the toxic effect of oxygen on enzymes;
3. Excessive generation of free radicals. As soon as oxygen poisoning occurs, stopping oxygen inhalation immediately can generally relieve symptoms. Vitamin E, C, K, magnesium ion preparations can prevent oxygen poisoning.
(2) Barotrauma: common middle ear barotrauma, paranasal barotrauma and pulmonary barotrauma. In addition, pneumothorax patients who are not found and treated in time during decompression can cause excessive expansion of gas in the chest cavity, compression of the lungs and heart, and mediastinal swing, which can cause sudden death of the patient.
Iii) Decompression sickness: the decompression speed is too fast and the amplitude is too large, which reduces the solubility of the gas in the tissues, freely forms blood bubbles in the blood and tissues, and causes a high risk of vascular air embolism and tissue compression. Fortunately, this situation occurs in diving operations and is very rare in general HBO treatment. As long as we attach importance to our thinking and strictly follow the procedures, this disease is not difficult to prevent.

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