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The Features and Benefits of HBOT for Veterinaries

The Features and Benefits of HBOT for Veterinaries

2022-09-15 14:00

HBOT chambers are approved all around the world. There are many reported benefits of mHBOT/HBOT in treating traumatic, acute, and chronic diseases and conditions including:

1.Reduces inflammation

2.Improves cellular metabolism/efficiency

3.Activates 8,101 healing genes

4.Stimulates DNA to produce growth and repair hormones and receptors

5.Reduces hypo-perfusion

6.Increases blood flow/circulation

7.Releases stem cells

8.Improves immune function (increases white blood cell production)

9.Promotes new blood vessel growth

10.Has antimicrobial properties (treats/helps prevent infections)

11.Assists neural tissue healing/ regeneration

12.Promotes wound healing

13.Reduces swelling and edema

14.Increases production of collagen

15.Reduces pain in certain conditions

16.Improves bone regeneration

17.Improves rate of healing from surgeries

18.Decreases effects from radiation injury

19.Improves recovery from athletic over-training/injury